Which books did I solved while preparing for JEE?

The question which get asked most often to me is Which books did you solved while preparing for JEE?

These days over 100 books are available in market in name of JEE but most of them are waste of time and brain as they are not upto the mark for JEE so  first let me tell you :

Why Books for JEE preparation Necessary ?

I prepared for JEE from Vibrant academy one of the best coaching institute all over the country. 

First we were told to solve coaching institute material then we were supposed  to move towards the books.

Books are not for learning the concept(Except theoretical ones) Books are meant for grinding and application of various concepts at a time. To learn concept one must solve coaching material first.

In JEE question do not come from single concept and if they come most aspirants get them right but we have to get ahead of others then we must be able to solve tough questions and solving multiple concepts problem first time in examination is not a right strategy. One must be comfortable with them that is why we should solve books too.

Which books did I solved while preparing for JEE?

In Vibrant academy books are considered as part of class discussion but several other institute do not discuss books in classroom although you can ask your doubts outside the class or in doubt classes.

Since we had book discussions in class room this was a big advantage for us 

For physics I used to solve – I E Irodov and university of physics along with theory of cengage.

For Chemistry I used to solve – Narendra Awasthi sir’s book (physical chemistry) , M.S Chauhan sir’s book(Organic Chemistry) and V.K Jaiswal sir’s book(Inorganic chemistry)

For Maths : Black book (By Vikas gupta sir ) , S.L looney , Hall and Knight , Cengage.

If you do these books and material with honesty and dedication You will get rank of your dream for sure.

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